Tom Thomson

During my recent trip to Algonquin Park I was able to visit, for the first time, the memorial cairn that was erected for Tom Thomson at Canoe Lake on Hayhurst point.

Close up of Tom Thomson's Memorial Plaque

Tom Thomson Memorial Cairn

Tom Thomson Memorial Cairn









For those of you that have never heard of Tom Thomson I’ll give you a little rundown on who he is and why there’s a memorial for him in Algonquin Park.

Totem Pole at Tom Thomson's Memorial Cairn

Tom Thomson is a famous Canadian Artist who directly influenced the start of The Group Of Seven.  Tom Thomson was not in the Group of Seven as he died before it was formed but he did paint with many of them. 

Tom Thomson's Totem Pole Poem

I think the thing that makes Tom Thomson the most famous is the mystery surrounding his death.  He died in Algonquin Park on Canoe Lake right at Hayhurst point (where the memorial cairn is).  He was found approximately 8 days after his death and reportedly had fishing line wrapped around his leg and an injury to his head.  Was this suicide or murder??

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Some Trip Pics

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Totem Pole at Tom Thomson's Memorial Cairn

Totem Pole at Tom Thomson's Memorial Cairn

On the first day of our trip we were dropped off at Canoe Lake and our first break was at Tom Thomson’s Memorial Cairn.  There’s a totem pole and a stone memorial with a story about him at this site.

A Moose Standing on a Beaver DamThe Platypus Gravity Water Filter

The entire trip we relied on my Platypus Gravity water filter for clean water.  It was so easy and fast that our entire group was able to always have clean drinking water.

Drying Clothes

Many of the days we were out were very rainy…when there was a moment without rain we tried to dry our clothes any way we could.

All in all we had a great trip even though the bugs and the rain tried to stop us we persevered and ended the trip in smiles.

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