The Cold

Even though spring is just around the corner, today it was -13 but it felt much colder with that wind ripping through me.  Being outside all day on days like today takes a lot out of you.  Just the energy that your body uses to keep warm burns up so many calories and fat that it’s difficult to stay replenished day after day.

The key to staying warm for a long period of time is to build up your body and energy like you’re building a fire.

A Fire

Building up your body warmth is like building a fire

If you find yourself getting cold use these nice easy steps to get warm again and to stay warm:

  1. Start with a quick fuel of simple sugars ie a chocolate bar (the tinder of your fire)
  2. Build on it with carbohydrates ie a peanut butter sandwich (the sticks of your fire)
  3. To keep the fire going are fats ie put butter in hot chocolate (the logs of your fire)

The key to staying warm through the night in the cold weather is having the right sleeping bag (like I wrote about yesterday) and having the right tent.

I hope that you stay warm until the sun will keep you warm all day long!


About adventureoutfittingguide

I am an adventurer who works as a paramedic on the side. I love being in the wilderness hiking, canoeing, biking or anything that gets me outside in the beautiful wilderness.
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