Bug Season

With bug season here sometimes backpacking can turn more into a speed-walk/jog as you try to keep ahead of the cloud of black-flies and mosquitoes.  What you need is a good bug spray.  I always find the sprays that have deet in them work the best but they are corrosive so you don’t want to get deet on your pack or tent.

I hate wearing bug spray, I don’t like the smell and I always feel sticky when I have it on.  I prefer to wear a bug shirt and long pants so the bugs can be all around me but can’t get at me.

The Original Bug Shirt

I have “The Original Bug Shirt” and find it cool in temperature to wear and very effective against mosquitoes and black-flies.  You might think it looks a little ridiculous but it’s a smart thing to wear during bug season and you might start wishing you had one when you’re in the middle of no-where surrounded my swarms of bug.


About adventureoutfittingguide

I am an adventurer who works as a paramedic on the side. I love being in the wilderness hiking, canoeing, biking or anything that gets me outside in the beautiful wilderness.
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